Composite Roofing – The Slate Roofing & Clay Tile Alternative

Composite Roofing may be the lightweight option to traditional roofing products for example asphalt shingles, wood shakes, natural slate and cement or clay tile available on the market. Composites or Synthetics can be created of whether base of rubber or plastic together with fillers or any other additives. Composite roofing is built to seem like natural products in mainly three groups Wood Shakes, Slate and Barrel Tile.

Concerning the Composite Roofing Market:

Polymer Composites comprises under 1% from the total residential roofing market having a worth of roughly $159 million dollars. Composites are usually placed on greater finish homes in distinctive neighborhoods for either new construction or re-roofs. The greatest advantage with composite roofing would be that the roof doesn’t need to be re-enforced. Many occasions natural products require trusses to become re-enforced to deal with how much they weigh, which may be 800-1,000 pounds per roofing square (100 square ft). Composite materials weigh in around 300-400 pounds per roofing square and don’t need to be reinforced. The benefit of composite roofing is it has got the natural look with no weight challenges.

Composite Roofing Benefits:

Lightweight – Most composites are 1/3 the load of natural products – This will make roof loading & installation simpler.

Durability – Stronger compared to natural products. Less job site breakage.

Natural Appearance – Most composites are made to look similar to the real factor.

Most composites possess the wealthy deep texture of natural slate, the authentic appearance of concrete or clay tiles and also the pure beauty of cedar plank wood shakes.

Colors – Composite shingles can be found in a number of styles and colors that replicate the feel of the standard products. Towards the human eye alone lots of people won’t be able to inform that it is composite.