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Kitchen Cabinet Designs for Small Spaces

In designing small kitchens, it is significant to have a design that helps maximize storage spaces and blends functionality and style. Ensuring that storage space and cabinetry are suitable for limited space is considered a pillar of a stunning kitchen space. It can be a make-or-break feature that even a kitchen with small spaces needs to consider with the help of kitchen remodeling companies in Costa Mesa.

When planning for a kitchen renovation, the usual goal for homeowners with small kitchen spaces is to make the kitchen look more extensive and open. Some ideas that kitchen remodeling companies La Verne can suggest are clever corner cabinets, floating cabinets, and freestanding furniture, among many others.

Opting for a glass door cabinet is one creative way to make a small kitchen look more spacious. Glass doors can reflect light across a room, giving a room more ample space. Additionally, adding a decorative plate or artwork can accomplish a similar effect.

For homeowners with a limited budget, they can also consider replacing the solid fronts of their cabinetry with glass. It is an excellent option to consider, especially if the cabinet boxes in a kitchen are still intact and in prime condition.

Aside from glass door cabinets, homeowners can also opt for open shelves to help give a kitchen a more spacious look. Homeowners can also make it a cabinet focal point by painting the shelves in a color that matches the kitchen’s color scheme.

The efficient use of limited space in a kitchen design focuses on creating sufficient storage space with a balanced meal preparation space. Aside from adequate storage space, it is also crucial to consider the kitchen’s lighting. Some solutions to consider in improving the kitchen lighting are downlights or LED strips under the cabinets. Bouncing light across the room makes a limited space appear larger. 

For more information about the different kitchen cabinet designs for small spaces, here is an infographic by Mr. Cabinet Care.

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